Why use SMS Analytical ?

Here at SMS Analytical, we’ve been thinking about what makes our business attractive to our customers so we decided to present a list of reasons they return to us with more work:

Understanding The Problem.

Quick to grasp the details of problem that is being solved. With experience in a wide range of chemical ‘areas’ we are able to suggest analyses outside of the typical international and national standards or aternative techniques to overcome matrix interferences.


Attention to detail and methodology is key to being an analytical scientist. In this respect we have been refining our operations and have brought in changes as the result of obtaining our ISO9001 certification in 2016. All quotations and reporting is peer reviewed before sending to our customers and we seek to obtain feedback once the report has been read.


Proportionate use of analysis techniques which may be changed as the results from previous techniques are made. This means we would normally phone and email our client to discuss the preliminary results from the first analysis especially as it could be that we would advise not wasting time and money by analysing further using the techniques previously agreed in the quote. Instead, we may suggest alternative and more appropriate techniques, based on what we’ve discovered so far, or even recommend a stop at that point.

Turnaround Times

As a guideline, we normally would expect to deliver the customer’s report in about 10 working days, depending on the nature of the work and the techniques involved. For non routine analysis, this is a very competitive situation compared to many of the big laboratories out there.


Being a small company we are unhindered by layers of administration or red-tape and so can respond in a timely manner to customer queries such as pre quotation questions or post reporting questions.

Any additional thoughts about these would be welcome…