We provide solutions to some real world chemistry problems that our clients present us with. The following is just a small sample of such cases we’d had so do contact us if you don’t see what you want here.

Fire Related

Laundry Fires – Investigations to look for traces of oils and fat that can result in fires caused by auto-oxidation. Where only tiny amounts are available, we can extract and concentrate trace amounts. Otimising the GC-MS detection is done using specialist derivatisation agents for form larger methyl esters chains.

Accelerant Fires – We can examine for traces of a range of accelerants often used to start fires but can remain at the scene in hidden areas such as under floor boards and under stairs. We accept double swan-necked nylon evidence bags taken from the scene as soon as possible to minimise losses through the walls of these bags over time.

Contamination & Characterisation

Fuel contamination – handling errors leading to a mix of fuel types. Analysis / profiling can indicate treatment advice.

Oil characterisation – Boiling range, Identification of volatile contaminants, [Nordtest], Acidic/basic polar components, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) components.

Smoke taint – contamination of food products (vegetables, grains etc) by smoke from local sources such as bonfires. We are able to detect the tell-tale compounds that give the food a distinct taint resulting in making it unusable.

Packaging contamination – sea water is a common issue where packaging has been on board a ship. Other contaminants can be looked for such as incorrect and potentially carcinogenic dyes in the packaging.

Determination of Sea Water (Chloride) content of cargoes.

Bleach strength – is that bleach really as strong as has been claimed ? We can find out.

Provide evidence that incorrectly used bleach was the cause of plumbing corrosion for commercial buildings.

Escaped coolant contamination analysis of pipe lagging.

Determination of the strength of commercially used Chillies. Capsaicin content.

Determining that Adblue (Urea) has been incorrectly added to the diesel tank of a commercial vehicle causing major loss of business.

Detection of incorrect cured polymer foams used internally as part of the manufacturer of white goods such as washing machines.