Our consultancy and analytical laboratory is used by clients from a broad range of industries including forensic investigators, insurers, legal, as well as marine and aviation industries. Typically, a case will be concerned with accidental damage and so the consequences of that action will often leave behind a chemical story to be discovered in the form of trace amounts of contaminants or accelerants etc. Other cases involve the accidental contamination of one chemical feed-stock with another and then determining whether a component can then be separated economically.

However, the following are particularly relevant for our experience and knowledge:


Investigative chemistry for pollution and spillage samples as well as issues with cargo tank coatings, cross contamination of cargoes.
Demurrage costs can be mitigated by agreeing a shorter timescale on sample analyses.

Forensic Investigators

These companies regularly use us for their analysis requirements and can require extremely varied chemistry knowledge to help provide scientific answers to real world problems. These include be finding residues of accelerants in domestic and business fires, determining the levels of smoke contamination in edible crops, tumble drier fires caused by auto-oxidation of oils not fully removed by washing.


Insurance companies and loss adjusters. Much of our work comes from insurance investigators for whom we have established a priority service level over the last 5 years. We are listed on the Insurance Directories website.

Condensing Boiler Heating Fuels

Our analysis and consultancy services are used by the condensing boiler manufacturers and fuel suppliers, particularly in regard to proposing new fuels types that may offer lower carbon footprints. The effects of a new fuel need to be determined in terms of corrosion products that are formed in the condensates.  Hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs) is an example of where we provided an analysis programme designed for checking whether boilers might be affected when switching to this fuel from, say, natural gas or kerosene. In this case provided a comparative study.

The following are some of the tests we offer in regard to boiler condensate analysis:

  • Acidity – Both total Acidity and pH
  • Anions.
  • Cations.
  • Fuel residues determination.
  • Particulate analysis

Other Analysis

As a growing company we would, however, welcome enquiries from other industries.

Please note that we provide a business to business service and do not normally take on single jobs from private individuals except in cases where we receive written instructions by their legal representative or insurance company. Please do not ask us to reverse engineer any commercial products.

To see what sort of analysis we can provide please take a look at our Solutions pages.