SMS Analytical provides specialist investigative chemistry services to a wide range of industries such as insurance investigators, legal profession and shipping.

How Can We Help ?

SMS Analytical provides the following benefits to clients :

  • The specialist chemistry knowledge required for solving difficult analyses.
  • Bespoke approach providing flexibility in methodology and interpretation.
  • Processes that minimise the analysis and reporting time.
  • In-house analysis uses existing published methods or where necessary bespoke sample presentation and matrices.
  • Particularly effective in supporting insurance and legal investigations.
  • Information flow designed to keep client in the loop and up to date.

Solutions To Your Problem ?

The following are some of our key attributes that enable us to provide solutions to your problems:

Industry knowledge – having the combination of qualifications and relevant industry experience to ‘upwardly’ manage clients. That is, to guide them into asking for the most appropriate analysis; taking into account the nature of their sample and setting expectations as to what is feasible given real-world challenges of very, say, small quantities or difficult matrices from which to obtain information.

[ + + ]         Directly Accountable – Work is planned, undertaken and interpreted by the well qualified principals with a wealth of relevant industry experiences.

Industry KnowledgeBespoke Service – SMS does not use a ‘turn the handle’ approach because specification tests alone are rarely sufficient to solve the client’s problems. We offer an exceptional service based on our past experiences across chemical industries. SMS has knowledge across a number of industries so we can read across from one area to another and thereby provide a more effective analytical programme for clients.

communication excellenceCommunication – SMS provides a bespoke customer experience that involves updating the client at key stages as dictated by discoveries once the client has delivered their samples. This could be as simple as providing information on the condition of the sample(s) after poor courier handling or it could be damaged seal tags or a leakage within the package. It is also a matter of discussing the likely optional steps based on analytical results so far. Therefore, a more guided approach can save client budget by only doing a sequence of analyses that are going to be relevant from those originally quoted. For example: SMS were instrumental in providing evidence that helped win a court case for a client’s business. SMS’s fee was less than 3% of the total awarded damages and costs. In this case SMS were able to show that diesel in commercial vehicle had been contaminated.

Project ManagementProject management – We take the client’s pain away by handling all the sub work. Clients are able to ask SMS to take much of the work off their shoulders by providing a level of project management that covers an even wider range of required analysis by sourcing providers of complementary services to those offered in-house. In such cases SMS monitor and interpret 3rd party data before incorporating this information in the client’s report.

agilityAgility – As a flexible company we can take on work at short notice and quickly get up to speed with the client issues, do the analysis and produce our report back to clients rapidly. Our processes are designed to deliver meaningful results in the shortest possible time scale while ensuring that they are fully compliant with all necessary standards. Being flexible with the client: deciding what next steps should be done in the light of newly discovered facts, as the analysis unfolds, rather than simply following the original steps in the proposal and wasting budget. For example: being able to produce results quickly can save demurrage costs.

Established Trust With IndustriesEstablished Trust – SMS have an established track record with more than 90% returning clients being the best indicator of how happy they are. From discussions, we know that we also get recommended by clients to their colleagues and to other companies.